How to respond to FUNNIER: GOLD’s daily prompts

Hi! If you’re here, you’ve probably signed up for FUNNIER: GOLD Comedy’s new daily humor-writing prompts. Thank you, and welcome! This means you are going to get FUNNIER every day! (See how we did that? Also, it’s TRUE.)

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So what are these prompts?

      1. We text you a prompt, like “Ruin prom in 5 words” or “I wish my pet could…”, and you respond with something funny! (Tip: UNDERthink this. Start with the first thing that pops into your head. More below.) Send in your response(s) by 5 PM EST. Reply once OR as many times as you like!
      2. Our team of GOLD judges (made up of people* just like you!) will announce their favorite responses at the end of the day. You can check it out here.
      3. Next day: Do it all over again! We’ll be running FUNNIER for a month to get a clear picture of the kinds of prompts you do and don’t like. Then we’ll head back into GOLD Comedy labs (#girlsinstem) and, based on your responses, create more fun/funny stuff for you to do. 

MEANWHILE: Browse through our big library of comedy-related info and #inspo.

Still have Qs? We have As!

Why should I do this?

It’s a mini comedy workout! No matter what your other life goals and interests, making a little bit of funny every day helps you:

    • get your head in the game
    • write better
    • think sharper
    • stop overthinking
    • let go of perfectionism
    • get snappier with comebacks
    • understand what makes YOU laugh
    • find and hone YOUR authentic voice and unique lens on the world

What if I don’t want to be a comedian?

NO PROBLEM. Getting funnier is a good thing in so many ways. There are a ton of reasons to find and hone your funny that serve you no matter what your #goalsMaybe you want to be funnier on Instagram, funnier anywhere BUT on stage, funnier at the lunch table, funnier in writing, funnier at protests, funnier in your OWN MIND. Maybe you want to be an ad or TV writer, a journalist/novelist, a talk show host, an INFLUENCER. Funny helps with all that, and more:

What if I’m not funny?

There are a million ways to be funny. Replying to this prompts will help you tap into what makes you laugh, which is part of finding your own unique voice. Being reliably funny takes PRACTICE. If a joke doesn’t land, that is PART of comedy. It doesn’t mean you’re not funny. It means you’re writing comedy. Just give it a whirl and see what happens. You got this, Travis. 

How long am I supposed to spend writing a response?

Not so long! Everyone’s got time for this! Go with your first thought, and if that doesn’t pan out, try your second. Take 30 seconds, maybe a minute. Stare at it for a few seconds before you send it in, and tinker if you like. (Comedy IS tinkering.) Then go ahead and send that bad boy in! If you see “mistake” in your response, you can always send in an updated version—and you can always send in more.

Can I send in more than one response?

Yes! Comedy REQUIRES banishing perfectionism: you toss so many ideas and variations out there that eventually you’re no longer worried about whether one joke is funny or not, because you’re already thinking three jokes ahead. By sending in a bunch of responses at a time, you learn about what feels funny to YOU—and you can improve on your own jokes without feeling the pressure to be “perfect.” 


Now you’re cracking us up. This is funny! Why? Because you just did a CALLBACK! No, but seriously, we hear you. But you’re still here! So just come and give it a whirl. We are all very nice. This is a place where even people who are already secure in their funny will write jokes that don’t land. Also, to be clear, no one ever died from not getting a laugh.

Are any jokes off-limits?

Good question. We don’t have rules about specific jokes or topics so much as we have a basic code of conduct. That said, MOST good comedy, especially when you’re learning, punches up, not down. This is true from an ethical standpoint (pick on someone your own size, or bigger), and it’s true simply at the level of craft. Writing jokes about people less powerful than you—punching down—is less funny than the opposite because it’s usually predictable, not surprising. Punch lines, by definition, require surpriseSo: joke unto others as you would have them joke unto you.

I think my friend might like this. Can they sign up?

YES! The more, the funnier!

What if my friend is a dude? Can he sign up?

Yep. GOLD Comedy puts girls (and other folks outside the norm) first because comedy doesn’t—but that’s the point: we’re here to include*, not exclude. Plus, never hurts for dudes to be in the minority and kinda sit back and watch what happens when girls are in charge. 

What if there’s a day I can’t think of a good answer?

All of these prompts are great practice to help you learn to be ok with not being “perfect.” So if there’s a day or two where you feel like you can’t think of an answer, no big. There will be another prompt the next day, and the next, and the next. There is always another chance to be funny. 

Bottom line: whether you’re a massive comedy nerd, comedy-curious, or just think this could be fun, LET’S DO THIS.


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*femme/female-identifying/genderqueer-non-binary/GNC/girl-adjacent/your own description…if being part of a community of funnymakers sounds interesting to you, come on in. 

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