The GOLD Code: We are building an inclusive and safe space for teen girls/young women (and adjacent) who like to watch, do, make, and share FUNNY. So obvs, by joining, you solemnly swear:

I will be kind.

Jokes that make personal attacks on individuals (including their appearance), or that arise from negative stereotypes or assumptions about societal groups, are usually not jokes.

I will avoid words that would get bleeped on SNL. 

Sometimes those words are funny, but we’re just trying to keep things civil (and simple).

I will not knowingly steal other people’s jokes or ideas. 

Sometimes two people come up with the same idea—it happens. But the only guarantee that no one will ever use your idea (inadvertently or not) is to NEVER SHARE YOUR STUFF, which nope! Just know that taking someone’s material and calling it your own on purpose is, like, the least cool thing in comedy. More here.

I am at least 13 years old. 

It’s the law!

Go with your gut. If these terms aren’t for you, that’s fine. There are plenty of other places on the intertubes!