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Giving Women and Girls a Voice in Comedy

For just $19, GOLD is serving up several detailed and engaging lessons on the fundamentals of comedy, delivered with hilarity and enthusiasm by veteran comedian Elsa Waithe. Each lesson features accompanying writing prompts to stir comedic sensibilities, as well as external resources—such as sample clips of established comedians employing a component of standup taught in the corresponding lesson. Read more 


I’m Raising My Daughter To Be Funny — And So Should You

“My (hilarious) husband and I, who have entertained each other for 14 years, have purposefully labored to teach our kids to be funny. (Another burstingly proud moment: When our son, Sam, interrupted by his big sister right when his silly story peaked, hollered in protest, “BESS! You STEPPED on my PUNCHLINE!” He was four.)”

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The Winsor Bulletin

“Through online and in-person classes, workshops, and events, “we are creating a safe and welcoming place where girls can amplify their voices through comedy and share them with the world.” Visit The Winsor Bulletin






Louis C.K. Is Just the Latest Reason We Need More Women in Comedy

 “Women comics are still fighting the unfunny fight for equal respect, equal opportunity, equal pay.”

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GOLD Comedy Is More Than Just a Comedy Class: It’s an Empowerment Tool for Women

“Using the tagline, “COMEDY is POWER,” GOLD wants to enable young women and NB folks to hone their skills and learn everything from how to write a joke (including writing prompts, character style, and delivery) to what a stage performance should look like.”

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Comedy is POWER

 “Comedy is POWER.” Watch GOLD’s video op-ed on NowThis Her, written by GOLD founder Lynn Harris, featuring rockstar comics/teachers from the GOLD team, and introducing GOLD student superstar Brianna Allen.” Visit NowThis.



“In New York, the Gold Comedy workshops encourage teenage girls to get on stage and offer them the basic techniques of stand-up.” Visit chEEK Magazine.



Sparkle Report

Featured Female: Lynn Harris

“That thing you think makes you weird is actually the thing that makes you awesome. If you think other people think you’re weird, here’s what they’re really thinking: “I’m boring. Also, jealous.”

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NYMag The Cut

Meet the Teen Girls Training to Be the Next Tina Fey

“On Monday, the eight budding comedians will have go back to the stresses of school: Thea will have to deal with her meme-obsessed classmates and Mackenzie will have to deal with the Axe-lathered Elijah. But maybe instead of bottling up how they feel, they’ll laugh about it instead.”

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Here’s Looking at You, Kinder

Our Jewish guest is writer and comedian Lynn Harris, founder of Comedy GOLD, which teaches girls and women how to empower themselves through comedy. She tells us why mining difficult experiences for stand-up comedy material is a valuable skill, how to tell a joke in a culture dominated by political correctness, and what it’s like being married to a rabbi.

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Stand Up! With Pete Dominick (Sirius XM)


The First Comedy School for Teenage Girls Aims to Improve Comedy Farm Teams

“It’s a great time for women in comedy, or so the conventional wisdom goes these days. An all-female Ghostbusters is imminent, women like Maria Bamford and Chelsea Handler are getting Netflix shows that represent their comic sensibilities, and Samantha Bee is just one of…one women with a late night show. While things are improving at the top, there’s the issue of getting women more opportunities on the lower rungs of comedy, as The Atlantic recently pointed out, where careers are really forged. Enter Lynn Harris, a former standup comic (and Tonya Harding impersonator) raising money to pilot a comedy school for teenage girls whose ultimate goal is to help girls interested in comedy learn the craft, leading to more diverse voices into the comedy world.”

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Finally! A Comedy School For Girls

That’s why this Friday we’re totally crushing on comedian, writer, and all-around champ Lynn Harris who, on top of being a funny, funny woman, has launched a crowdfunding campaign designed to give the next generation of female comedians a leg up.

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Like a Boss Girl


“I’m a former comedian and humor writer and firm believer in the power of pop culture for social change. To me, comedy is power. If you are making people laugh, they are listening to you. You are being yourself. You are in charge. You are telling the story—your story. You have the spotlight. You have the mic. I’d like to give that power to more people. Especially girls. Especially now.”

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The Daily Dot

The New York comedian crowdfunding a comedy school for girls

“This turmoil compelled New York City comic Lynn Harris to spearhead the creation of Comedy for Girls, an organization that will empower young women interested in comedy learn the art of the joke and spurt a growth in self-confidence.”

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Women’s eNews

Funny Girls Say It’s Serious: They Could Use a Confidence Boost

“Lynn Harris, a former stand-up comedian, is launching a program in New York City to help more girls such as Woodard get a foot in the door of an industry that is famous for kicking female performers out.”

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