GOLD Comedy is here to give you the tools to find your funny and the places to share it with the world.

Who We Are

We are amplifying girls’ and women’s voices. Literally, with a mic! And MORE.

“Humor is a powerful tool, whether it’s your actual job or just a part of your life. Humor takes intelligence and an understanding of human behavior. Every time you make someone laugh you are showing them that you have an interesting and engaging point of view on the world. Find your comedic voice and use it everywhere—at home, at school, at work, with your friends, in your love life. It will connect you to people in a completely new way. And if you ever hear someone say, ‘Women are not as funny as men,’ walk away. That is not a person you want or need to know.” —Aline Brosh McKenna, co-creator + showrunner, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Why comedy?


What makes you DIFFERENT is what makes you FUNNY. What makes you FUNNY is what makes you STRONG.

“Parents say, ‘But that thing that makes you unique is what I love about you!’ Girls don’t believe them because they’re like, that’s what parents do. So the more mentors girls have who say it, the better. Because then girls think, ‘OK, it’s not just my mom telling me to ‘be myself.’” — Laurie Wolk, girls’ leadership coach


  • boosts confidence and resilience.
  • unleashes your authentic YOU.
  • teaches you to write with precision and insight.
  • puts YOU in charge of your story.
  • lowers stress.
  • brings joy.
  • needs YOU.

Why comedy for girls + women?

The revolution will be hilarious.

“You can’t be ‘perfect’ and be funny. Perfect isn’t funny. Finding your funny allows you to find yourself.” —Lynn Johnson, founder of Spotlight Girls!

  • Because we are a riot.
  • Because girls and women still get told to take it down a notch. GOLD tells us to turn it UP.
  • Because it’s not THAT “great” a time for women in comedy. Just ask Tina Fey. Let’s FIX THAT.
  • Because comedy will help girls and women take over the world.


“Girls cannot be expected to survive past age twelve without two central senses of humor. One where they can see life’s absurdities and laugh while dismantling and reassembling them in a more inclusive and reasonable way. And one where they learn to use humor as a weapon more gracefully, effectively, and precisely than a stiletto (or Swiss Army Knife, or vampire stake, or other tool of choice).” — Gina Barreca, Ph.D., expert on gender and humor

Who is this for?

Everyone, unless you hate laughter. But especially:

    • Aspiring comedians
    • People who want more funny in their daily lives
    • Comedy nerds
  • Parents of aspiring comedians, or parents who aspire to parent comedians

NOTE: We welcome anyone who has any relationship with the word “girl” or “woman.” We don’t care about labels, the oppressive patriarchal gender binary, or plumbing. We care about YOU and what makes you unique. And we care about putting more funny voices in the world. Come be one of them.

How To Do Comedy: A Workshop For Girls + Others

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