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ABSOLUTELY UHMAZING!! I have been in love with GOLD for a while now, but this course took things to the next level. I truly could not have been happier. All the videos and writing assignments were helpful and made the idea of being funny feel all the more approachable. They motivated me to make it through every module IN A DAY. Overall this was an incredible experience and all I want is MORE. THANK YOU GOLD!

Kaitlin Goldin, student

My husband and I see a tangible shift in our daughter’s confidence since one day with GOLD. I believe GOLD helped shape her understanding of her own voice, the beautiful power within her, and—uch, I’m getting choked up!

Emily Abedon, parent

I’ve come out knowing how to write and remix jokes, noticing the structure and setup of comics’ acts, and with a whole list of helpful tips I would have had no way of knowing otherwise. And I heard about some kickass women comedians that I’ll be checking out for sure. The course left me thinking, “Comedy IS a place for me. I can do this”—and that’s priceless. 

Holly Brockwell, Gadgette