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How To Do Comedy: A Workshop For Girls + Others

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Michelle, student

"Extremely inspirational and super welcoming to newcomers to comedy! The best public speaking experience of my life."

Bill, parent

“Tonight I got to see my kid—amid a squad of amazingly talented young people—kill with standup comedy after an intense workshopping day. Thanks to Lynn Harris for her fantastic ideas for unlocking their collective potential, and to GOLD for creating an experience that is likely to have a deep and wonderful effect on the participants.”

Drae Campbell, workshop teacher

It's so much fun to help girls empower themselves with humor and observation. By the end of the class, I'm taking notes from them!

Ellen, parent

“We dropped our 14-year-old daughter off at 10 AM for GOLD’s day-long workshop. Seven hours later we returned to see her and her fellow participants perform stand-up in an authentic (and very cool) bar. We think our daughter is funny but to see her stand up in front of a microphone in a bar full of strangers and tell a story and hear everyone laugh at the right moments and give her a round of applause at the end put big smiles on our faces."

Naomi, student

"I've loved comedy for as long as I can remember. I would stay up late watching SNL, Ire-enact stand-up from Comedy Central, and so forth. I also used to be really shy, which did not mix well with my desire to perform. I was scared to put myself out there and take risks, so I did not gain much experience in the comedy world. Now I’m ready to explore, and GOLD is the perfect place to do it."

Monica Carmean, student

This course is great for explaining the "how" of comedy. Sure, folks tell you that you're funny, but how do you actually write jokes? What kinds of jokes are there? What are *you* the funniest at? This course is fun and encouraging and tells you how to turn your funny into a real world stand-up "set," at a very affordable price

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